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Major Problems of Karachi

Uploaded On : 11/7/2020 10:00:29 AM

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If anyone asks you about the largest and the most important city of Pakistan then without any second thought, your answer will be Karachi. Yes! Karachi that is one of the largest cities in the world is also the largest city of Pakistan. It is one of the core cities of Pakistan that are helping Pakistan a lot. Karachi is considered as the Economical Hub of Pakistan. Karachi gives each and everyone what they try to get. Karachi is always there when there is an emergency situation faced in any part of the country. Karachi helps all but still, Karachi’s condition is not up to date. Karachi is still facing those problems, those issues, those difficulties that no one can think of that the largest city of any country can face. This article will talk about some of the problems that are being faced by Karachi and the residents of Karachi.


It is one of the most permanent issues that are being faced by Karachi. Karachi has been facing this issue for many years. The condition of Karachi’s public transport is not even definable. No one can believe that Karachi’s residents are traveling in such buses, rickshaws, Suzukis in which other people of the world cannot think of moving their cattle and animals. According to research by Bloomberg, an American based news agency, Karachi’s public transport is listed top among the worst transports in the world. According to them, Karachi’s transport is still similar to the transport of the 1990s.


The other most important and alarming problem that Karachi is facing is drinking water. In many areas of Karachi, there is no supply of drinking water. Orangi, Surjani, Lyari are among those areas where people yearn for a single drop of water. According to an interview taken by Al Jazeera news, In Orangi there is usually a water shortage for about 33 days. People are made to buy water from tanker mafia at the rates of $12 to $ 18 for a 1000 gallon water tanker. This tanker is used within a week by a family of an average of 10 persons.


It is also one of the serious issues of Karachi and its residents. Karachi has to face electricity problems mainly because of the monopoly of Karachi Electric Company that is solely producing electricity for the people of Karachi. As K-Electric is the only company, it charges a lot and also it goes for a large duration of load shedding in different areas of the city.


Pollution is also one of the alarming difficulties being faced by Karachi. Karachi is listed among the top 50 polluted cities in the world. It is standing on number 23 on that list. There are a lot of reasons behind this, the use of unfitted vehicles, factories, use of unhygienic materials are some of them. This issue is also affecting a lot of the people and is causing different diseases among them including cancer etc.

In a shorter way, we can say that Karachi is facing a lot of problems and it really needs the sight and prompt action by higher authorities in order to get rid of all these issues.

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