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5G Technology Internet Service

Uploaded On : 11/9/2020 10:26:22 AM

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5G Technology Internet Service!


“Need is the mother of invention”. This is the proverb which clearly defines the core and very basic nature of human being. The basic meaning of this proverb is that whenever a human face a need or a problem then he goes for inventing different things and gadgets that can help him to get rid of that trouble or to cope with the situation that is causing something bad. The history of a human being is filled with a lot of such examples. The first invention that occurred was the wheel, a very simple tool. From that day, humans have been continuously making a lot of different inventions.

The current time period or era is considered as ‘The Technological Era” not only because of the inventions of different technological gadgets but also because of different technological ideas that are currently the centre of thinking of every human on this planet. This era has seen many inventions in the field of technology including PCs, mobiles, smartphones, and different electronic devices, etc. In this time span, we also have seen the inventions of different types of networks that are now the basic needs of every individual including mobile sim networks, internet networks, cable and dish TV networks, etc. Among these, all networks, internet connection or internet network considers as the most important. Almost every human on Earth uses it or at least knows about it. When we talk about the internet connection, it started back in 1983 at a very low speed. This speed got improved with the passage of time. Currently, most of the world is usually using 4G internet connection including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and so on.

Many other developed countries of the world including the USA, UK, China, etc have already started 5G internet service which is considered as the future of internet connection. The other countries of the world that are not developed much like America, the UK, China, etc are also working on it.

Pakistan is also among those underdeveloped countries which are working a lot in the field of technology. A few days ago, Pakistan has taken a very important step into the way of technology and 5G internet connection. On 5th November 2020, Pakistan has witnessed its first-ever 5G video call that was made from Islamabad, Pakistan to Beijing, China. According to the officials, Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication Syed Amin ul Haq has experienced the first-ever 5G video call from Pakistan to China using Zong Network. They also told the nation that this video call had a very good voice and video quality. They also made it clear that Pakistan is going to launch its 5G service very soon which will create ease not only for the users but will also develop a good image of Pakistan in the whole world.

We are hoping that in the very near future the 5G service will be launched in Pakistan and will make the lives of each and every resident of Pakistan easier.

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