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Our Mission

Job Classified By Prozameen provides free job placement services to employers and jobseekers. All our postings for jobs and internships contain only the information we receive from the employers. Due to the volume of these postings, we are unable to fully perform background checks on employers concerning authenticity, compensation, employee well-being, working conditions, and any other employment aspect, or warrant the availability of the job position. Employers are directly involved in all the talent acquisition and compensation for work, and so the verification of their integrity is the sole responsibility of the job seeker while applying for a job or accepting the job offer. Prozameen will not be liable for any disclosure of information to the employer that the job seekers make at their own risk, and advises them not to engage in monetary payment of any form with the employer for guaranteed meetings or job offer. We disclaim all responsibility for any fraudulent communication initiated by anyone claiming to have received your information through us, or to be representing us.